LEGOSH: Global Database on Occupational Safety and Health Legislation



The ILO Global Database on Occupational Safety and Health Legislation (LEGOSH) provides a picture of the regulatory framework of the main elements of OSH legislation, including OSH management and administration, employers’ duties and obligations, workers’ rights and duties, OSH inspection and enforcement, among others. LEGOSH classification structure is based on a comprehensive set of 11 themes which follows and captures the main part of the key ILO standards such as the ILO Convention No.155 on Occupational Safety and Health (1981) and the Recommendation N°164, Convention No.187 on the Promotional framework for occupational safety and health (2006), the Labour Inspection Convention C081 and other technical Conventions as benchmarks. The main topics discussed are: - national OSH regulatory framework; - scope, coverage and exclusions of legislation; - institutions and programmes relating to OSH administration and/or enforcement; - employers’ duties and responsibilities to protect the safety and health of workers and others; - employers’ duty to organise prevention formally along generally accepted OSH management principles and practices; - employers’ duty to ensure availability of expertise and competence in health and safety; - workers’ rights and duties; - consultation, collaboration and co-operation with workers and their representatives; - specific hazards or risks; - recording, notification and investigation of accidents/incidents and diseases; - OSH inspection and enforcement of OSH legislation.

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