How to use this portal

Welcome to the InGRIDe-portal. This portal is part of the InGRID research infrastructure. The portal is created with the idea of collecting data in one place to facilitate and alleviate research in the fields of working conditions, vulnerability, poverty and living conditions.

The following video shows you how to use the e-portal. Textual instructions are below the video.

By clicking on the ‘about Ingrid’ section you can find out more about the purpose of the e-portal and the partners included. Here, you can also find a link to the project website for more information.

The usage of the portal is quite easy. There are two ways you can search the data.

  1. One, through the search engine by putting in keywords.  (For example income) You will obtain a list of the data sources containing this word. Further selection is possible through the filters above. By clicking on the database you can access its general information.
  2. Second,  you can search the data by selecting the desired category. By clicking on the category you get an overview of all data sources within this category. Once again, you can use the filters above to specify the selection and you can proceed by clicking on the data source of your choosing.

If you have selected a data source of your interest, this page will provide available metadata on the data source. The e-portal does not provide data or access to data, it only offers an overview of the existing data and where to find them.

By clicking on the ‘other platforms’ section, you can find out about other accessible platforms related to the Ingrid research infrastructure, such as IPOLIS, EUROMOD, SPIN, IPUMS, and AMELIA.

The glossary section includes definitions of the terms commonly used in the data sources available here.

Do you want to help Ingrid? You have the opportunity to contact us in case you wish to improve the existing databases or add new ones. Just write us with the new ideas and we will do our best to incorporate them into the e-portal.

For general information and enquiries about the InGRID-2 project or the online portal, please contact the project coordinators at HIVA-KU Leuven through this contact form. Your question will be treated as soon as possible and replied to by email.

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