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Analytical tools are understood as a mean or form for running analysis on data stored on a safe server remotely. Users access the results of their analysis but not the data (OECD Glossary).

Integrated Poverty and Living Conditions Indicator System (IPOLIS)

Analytical tools, Indicators and statistics

Working conditions | Vulnerability | Social policy Survey data | Time series | Cross-sectional data+ 1 National level 2004 | 2005 | 2006+ 10 EU28 | Other | Austria+ 30
IPOLIS is an abbreviation for Integrated Poverty and Living Conditions Indicator System. IPOLIS is a platform to improve infrastructure for monitoring, analysing and evaluating the situation of the most vulnerable groups in Europe. IPOLIS is set up within the frame of the InGRID...

OECD Child Well-being database

Indicators and statistics, Datasets, Analytical tools

Vulnerability | Social policy Tabular data | Quantitative data National level 1998 | 1999 | 2000+ 39 Austria | Belgium | The Czech Republic+ 25
The OECD Child Well-Being Data Portal (CWBDP) gathers data on child well-being and the settings in which children grow up. It provides information on children’s home and family environment, their health and safety, their education and school life, their activities and their life...

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