These short video tutorials are created in order to reach out to a broad public about some of the core topics of InGRID's research. The MOOCS contain information on EUROMOD and how to use it, on job quality research, on social rights research and on identity and etnicity. Please feel free to consult these videos and learn more!

Job quality

In this section, you can find four videos on job quality. The first MOOC provides an explanation on the definition of job quality, why it is hard to come up with one widely used definition and how this is a problem for the conceptualisation of job quality. The second video then explains in detail how job quality can be measured, and which methods are a useful approach. After that, the third video shows which data to use for this and how to access these data. The fourth and final MOOC provides an overview of policy decisions related to job quality. 

Click here for MOOCs on job quality


In this section, you can find two MOOCs on EUROMOD. The first video explains what EUROMOD is and why it is a useful tool in social policy research. The second video guides you through the actual tool and shows you how to use EUROMOD for your research.

Click here for MOOCs on EUROMOD

Social Rights

In this section, you can find four videos on social rights. The first MOOC explains the difficulty of defining social policy and provides different strategies and indicators in order to study social policy. The second and third video show you how to use social rights data using examples from research done in "The Generational Welfare Contract" (book), and "Unemployment insurance and deteriorating self-rated health in 23 European countries" (journal article). The fourth video shows how to use data from the Social Policy Indicators Database (SPIN) using a report for the Swedish Parliamentary Social Insurance Investigation as an example.

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In this section, you can find one video on measuring ethnic identities in datasets and related issues to consider in empirical analysis.

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