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Eurofound’s long-established observatories on industrial relations (EIRO) and working conditions (EWCO) have now been combined to form EurWORK: the European Observatory of Working Life. EurWORK gathers all Eurofound's resources on working conditions and industrial relations, and is supported by a network of European correspondents across all EU Member States and Norway. Eurofound runs two regular surveys on working life issues: the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) and the European Company Survey (ECS), which are a further major resource for the observatory. The main topics discussed are: - actors and institutions; - collective employment relations; - individual employment relations; - skills, learning and employability; - pay; - health and well-being at work; - work organisation; - working time and work-life balance; - developments at EU level. EurWORK aims to serve the main Eurofound stakeholders, i.e. European social partners, EU institutions and Member State governments, as well as policy-makers and practitioners in the employment and restructuring fields. On that account, quarterly reports, comparative reports, representativeness studies, other EurWORK products and other research on working conditions and industrial relations are available online.

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