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Established in 2014, the European Observatory of Working Life (EurWORK) brings together Eurofound’s long-established observatories on industrial relations (EIRO) and working conditions (EWCO). EurWORK encompasses all of Eurofound's resources on working conditions and sustainable work and on industrial relations. It is supported by a Network of Eurofound Correspondents across all EU Member States and Norway which regularly reports on national working life developments. A further source of information is provided by Eurofound’s two regular surveys on working life issues: the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS) and the European Company Survey (ECS). EurWORK covers two strategic topic areas in Eurofound’s 2017–2020 programming period: - Working conditions and sustainable work - Industrial relations Within the industrial relations field, EurWORK covers two subtopics: - Social dialogue - Reporting on working life developments In its reporting on working life developments, EurWORK provides regular updates in the following areas: - Actors and institutions - Collective employment relations - Individual employment relations - Pay - Working time and work–life balance - Health and well-being at work - Skills, learning and employability - Work organisation

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