The EUR-Lex database is an online search tool created by the Publications Office of the European Union. The tool provides free access in the 24 official EU languages to all European Union legislation. The database covers many types of texts produced mostly by the institutions of the European Union, but also by Member States, EFTA, etc. The content is divided into sectors: treaties, international agreements, legislation, complementary legislation, preparatory acts, case-law, national implementing measures, references to national case-law concerning EU law, parliamentary questions, consolidated legislation, other documents published in the Official Journal C series, and EFTA documents. The main topics discussed are: - politics; - international relations; - European law; - law; - economics; - trade; - finance; - social questions; - education and communications; - science; - business and competition; - employment and working conditions; - transport; - environment; - agriculture, forestry and fisheries; - agri-foodstuffs; - production, technology and research; - energy; - industry; - geography; - international relationships.

Data Providers

The Publications Office of the European Union

Data Collection

Periodicity of collection

EUR-Lex is updated on a daily basis.

Type of information available

  • Text Documents Available
  • Indicators available
  • Guidelines for use available
  • Search or browse function available online


Freely accessible without registration

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