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The Child Benefit Dataset (CBD) is an ongoing research project at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (Stockholm University). The aim of the data-set is to improve possibilities to conduct large-scale institutionally informed comparative and longitudinal analyses of social policy in general and of child benefits in particular. Only non-contributory benefits are included in the dataset and focus is on benefits paid throughout childhood and early adolescence. Programs that are not covered include parental leave benefits, which mainly are paid during the child’s first life years (Ferrarini, 2006), as well as general means-tested benefits providing minimum financial resources to low-income households, often referred to as social assistance (see Nelson, 2010). For data on parental leave benefits and social assistance, we kindly refer to the Parental leave Dataset (PAL) and the Social Assistance and Minimum Income Protection Dataset (SAMIP). The current version of CBD includes detailed information about the generosity of child benefits in 36 countries, where data is available every fifth year between 1960 and 2015 (depending on country).

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