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The Generations and Gender Contextual Database is part of the Generations and Gender Programme (GGP). The GGP is Longitudinal Survey in around 60 countries that aims to improve the understanding of the various factors -including public policy and programme interventions - which affect the relationships between parents and children (generations) and between partners (gender). The GGP is coordinated by the United Nations Commission for Europe. The Generations and Gender Contextual Database is hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research. Since 2018, the French National Institute for Demographic Studies maintains the GGP Contextual Database. The database contains around 200 comparative indicators on topics closely linked to the GGP for around 60 countries. The Contextual Database before 2018, which is still available, holds data on: legal norms and regulations, social norms, measures of welfare state policies and institutions as well as general economic and cultural indicators. The indicators of the new database since 2018 are reduced to a set of 35 core indicators and it is compiled exclusively from international databases and is restricted to country level. Three main domains are covered: economics, gender and welfare and education.

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