CIS: Community Innovation Statistics



The Community Innovation Survey (CIS) is a survey of innovation activity in enterprises. The aim of the survey is to provide information on the innovativeness of sectors by type of enterprises, on the different types of innovation and on various aspects of the development of an innovation, such as the objectives, the sources of information, the public funding or the expenditures. The CIS provides statistics broken down by countries, type of innovators, economic activities and size classes. The main topics discussed are: - product innovation; - process innovation; - innovation activities and expenditures; - sources of information and co-operation for innovation activities; - effects of innovation; - factors hampering innovation activities; - intellectual property rights; - organisational and marketing innovations.

Data Providers

Eurostat & OECD

Data Collection

Periodicity of collection

Every 2 years.

Type of information available

  • Text Documents Available
  • Indicators available
  • Guidelines for use available
  • Search or browse function available online


Free remote access: possibility to use the data online for creating graphs and statistics, but no option to download the full dataset

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